Tangerine Dream Hair: 3 Budget Friendly and Cruelty Free Ways to Achieve!

If you’ve ever wanted vibrant orange hair on a budget and totally cruelty free then keep reading for three ways to achieve it that’ll suit your convenience or creativity!

1. Box Job

If you’re not up for too much experimentation and want an easy fix for fiery locks, look no further than Superdrug’s own range of permanent and semi permanent hair dyes.

Superdrug carries a full range of cruelty free and vegan hair and beauty products that are affordable and easily accessible online if you don’t have a store nearby.

I’ve had good experiences using their Colour Vibrance range in the shade 7.4 Mango Copper Burst.

2. Your Perfect Shade

To achieve a customised blend of spicy shades, have a play around with Bleach London’s collection of colours, some favourites of mine are: Tangerine Dream, Blorange, Twisted Lemon and Awkward Peach.

A tip – use a butter container as a mixing bowl!

I’ll mix a blend of these to create the perfect tone for whatever I’m feeling in the moment. I’ll either use these as a sort of top up to keep my shade looking bright or as a wash over faded hair for a pastel look.

3. Hot Spice

Feeling something a little bit more D.I.Y?

Have a look on the spice rack and see if you have any Tumeric? Paprika? If you’re not scared of the smell, get mixing up 2 heaped tablespoons of spices with a cup of white conditioner to a colour and consistency that’ll satisfy your colour craving. Slap it all over your hair and leave for an hour (if you want super bright results, leave for longer – this won’t damage your hair at all!)

I’ve tested this idea myself and can confirm it works! Check out this video for an in depth tutorial on how to achieve yellow hair for example.

Thanks for reading!

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